The Strangers (2008) Review, thoughts

Bryan Bertin is the director of this suspenseful flick that scares viewers with threats of home invasion. While many online reviews list it in the top 10 horror movies of 2008, this is simply because horror movies are classically both poorly written and poorly acted. The Strangers is no different: A tiny budget leaves this flick in one small cabin with a cast of maybe 10 people total. 80% of the movie reeks of suspenseful set-ups that are never followed through, leaving the viewer bored after 5 or more frightening build-ups. Eventually it becomes routine for the music to get super loud and scary during a suspenseful buildup only to have it be something without an axe.

LAAME. Just goes to show that there are loads of terrible horror movies you can waste your time on. But I wouldn't recommend it.

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