$300 grand for a cellphone? [vertu cobra]

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Often popular wireless products like Apple's iPhone or RIM's Blackberry get a sprinkling of diamonds or a plating in pure gold that creates a flagrantly priced device thousands of dollars more than their original price, but callphone maker Vertu has taken the cake with their newest Cobra phone.

With an asking price of a mere $310,000, this bejeweled-snake wielding beauty is a sure hit for rich types that hemorrhage cash every time somebody embeds a diamond in some technology.

Of course, the price is right for Russia's Paris Hilton equivalent Katia Verber who just may decide to upgrade from her current phone Vertu luxury titanium phone that was ONLY 7 grand. The reason she's still waiting to get a Cobra? 
The Vertu ringtone is too annoying, and there is only one ring so everyone knows it's a Vertu.
One would think that $310 grand would warrant an option to customize your phone's sound. Maybe once the R&D dept gets some on the polyphonic wagon Katia can upgrade from titanium to snake-endorned gold jewels.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    January 22, 2009 at 5:43 PM

    Paris Hilton doesn't have one yet???

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