Palm Pre is making Cupertino shudder [iPhone killer]

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If you haven't heard, at a recent tech convention PDA maker Palm announced a new device that stunned tech lovers everywhere. Palm has had much bad media recently and the economy looked like it might swallow Palm up after several quarters of reported losses.
Finally, Palm has answered with the Pre. It's a terrible name... obviously all their money was put into the designing process. It's like they looked at an iPhone's touchscreen, a Blackberry's roll ball, and a Tmobile G1's slide-out keyboard and said "let's just make it have everything, except even better!"

So what's so great about the Palm Pre? It may not be the prettiest thing but it's got it all:

3G connectivity
3" touch screen
Slide-out keyboard
Head phone jack
Open Web-based OS
Gesture control
open app store
3 mp camera
...and that's only the beginning. A slick Apple-like user interface and the constant connectivity it provides is amazing, incorporating all your web contacts and info from Facebook, MySpace, instant messanger, and more all into one spot.

Apple is definitely quaking in their boots; Pre will be available on the Sprint network, the second largest wireless provider in the US.

Full breakdown with video here at Engadget


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