Doomsday Plane Revealed As Nation's Flying Command Post

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A large white unidentified jet that was spotted flying in a no fly zone on September 11th has been brewing suspicion among the conspiracy theory circles across the internet. Over 7 years later, the government has still not released any information regarding the aircraft, but video footage reveals one of the nation's best kept secrets... until now. 
Several shots of the plane give conducive evidence that this plane was a modified boeing 747 with a command center. This command post would serve as an airborne HQ for the government in times of nuclear or biological attack.

Many speculate this plane was an escape jet for the president as soon as the attacks begun, but others say he was at a scheduled photo-op with a classroom of children during and after the attacks. Bush's whereabouts are highly speculated and he is reported to have changed his story after being interviewed about it again...
The plane most likely serves as a flying computer that is the government's last-ditch effort. Chilling footage below, via CNN.

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