January 4th & 7th repost

Wednesday, January 7th
New comic posted today. It's a large file, sorry. I'm still getting the hang of making things go from paper to ink and still remain webfriendly.
Making a website singlehandedly is a lot of work, it seems quite daunting when I think about it. Fortunately since the economy is sucking right now I hardly work so I can devote more time here.
Portland is definitely the place to be for the music scene. I have discovered so much great music recently, many artists that come straight from Portland. If you want to know what I like, check out the music page I am adding in five minutes. It has a cool last.fm widget that tells you what I am listening to right now and lets you listen to some of the songs.

Sun, January 4th
Welcome. Sorry about the bare-bones look and feel, but this blog is barely 3 days old (as of this writing). As an avid blog reader I often comment on other weblogs, but often any meaningful adages get swept into the masses of commenter banter. Thus, thewhitestblogever has spawned for an outlet of my thoughts, my doodling, and my biased, unadulterated opinion.
Once I become a 1337* web coder again I can ditch Dreamweaver and start hand coding a nice forum for fans of the blog.
And the last time I used perl was in high school, so I'll brush up on that make a nice (basic) commenting system so this can actually be called a 'blog'.
more updates soon! I planned to have a few more comics, but I can't stay up too late since I have to work tomorrow.
* elite

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