Bioshock Nails It

Screen from Bioshock- a game rated 10 by all it's reviewers...

So true.

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United States of Eggmerica

Happy Thanksgiving!

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New Comic - "Sweepstakes"

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Quotable Quote

Quotable quote for 2009:

“Email is not going to disappear. Possibly ever. Until the robots kill us all.” – Paul Buchheit, creator of Gmail

Everyone Hates the Troll Bridge

This is for everyone who loves but hates the troll bridge.

Current question:
Kyek modified a Greasemonkey plugin to allow you to see if an Appulous IPA link was dead before you clicked it. The original plugin was the ________ Links Checker

Answer: Cavern.

Check back when the troll bridge is updated!

Google Reader's sharing feature rocks!

Google Reader, a popular feed aggregator, now allows shared items to be published into a nice feed friendly list. Anyone with Google Reader can simply enable sharing on a public page so the world can see their favorite stories. My shared items can be found here:

Do you share stories in Google Reader? Post your shared URL in the comments below!

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Sick Electronic: Faux Pas is Chasing Waterfalls

Bright upbeat hits trickle over a waterfall of sound with a steady dance rhythm in this modernized folklore single. Dance and shake a tamborine for this happy song.

download: Chasing Waterfalls: Faux Pas

Google is working on Street View for Bike paths!

From, a recent interview with Google has revealed their plans to use Google Trikes to capture images and map bike paths and trails that will be visible on Google Maps and the popular Street View feature that offers users a first hand look at the streets.

Cyclists rejoice! Google has stated their Trikes are on their way to Portland now.

Original story via

Help! I can't edit my info on Facebook!

Palm Pre is making Cupertino shudder [iPhone killer]

palm pre, pre, iPhone killer

If you haven't heard, at a recent tech convention PDA maker Palm announced a new device that stunned tech lovers everywhere. Palm has had much bad media recently and the economy looked like it might swallow Palm up after several quarters of reported losses.
Finally, Palm has answered with the Pre. It's a terrible name... obviously all their money was put into the designing process. It's like they looked at an iPhone's touchscreen, a Blackberry's roll ball, and a Tmobile G1's slide-out keyboard and said "let's just make it have everything, except even better!"

So what's so great about the Palm Pre? It may not be the prettiest thing but it's got it all:

3G connectivity
3" touch screen
Slide-out keyboard
Head phone jack
Open Web-based OS
Gesture control
open app store
3 mp camera
...and that's only the beginning. A slick Apple-like user interface and the constant connectivity it provides is amazing, incorporating all your web contacts and info from Facebook, MySpace, instant messanger, and more all into one spot.

Apple is definitely quaking in their boots; Pre will be available on the Sprint network, the second largest wireless provider in the US.

Full breakdown with video here at Engadget


Doomsday Plane Revealed As Nation's Flying Command Post

tags: doomsday plane, air force one, e4 skins, obama air force ones, air force 1, marine one, Mystery 9/11 aircraft, Boeing 747, 9/11, doomsday
A large white unidentified jet that was spotted flying in a no fly zone on September 11th has been brewing suspicion among the conspiracy theory circles across the internet. Over 7 years later, the government has still not released any information regarding the aircraft, but video footage reveals one of the nation's best kept secrets... until now. 
Several shots of the plane give conducive evidence that this plane was a modified boeing 747 with a command center. This command post would serve as an airborne HQ for the government in times of nuclear or biological attack.

Many speculate this plane was an escape jet for the president as soon as the attacks begun, but others say he was at a scheduled photo-op with a classroom of children during and after the attacks. Bush's whereabouts are highly speculated and he is reported to have changed his story after being interviewed about it again...
The plane most likely serves as a flying computer that is the government's last-ditch effort. Chilling footage below, via CNN.

Circuit City Finally Goes Belly Up [ecomonic disaster]

$300 grand for a cellphone? [vertu cobra]

vertu, cobra, iphone, katie verber, mikhail prokhor, jewels, golden iphone
Often popular wireless products like Apple's iPhone or RIM's Blackberry get a sprinkling of diamonds or a plating in pure gold that creates a flagrantly priced device thousands of dollars more than their original price, but callphone maker Vertu has taken the cake with their newest Cobra phone.

With an asking price of a mere $310,000, this bejeweled-snake wielding beauty is a sure hit for rich types that hemorrhage cash every time somebody embeds a diamond in some technology.

Of course, the price is right for Russia's Paris Hilton equivalent Katia Verber who just may decide to upgrade from her current phone Vertu luxury titanium phone that was ONLY 7 grand. The reason she's still waiting to get a Cobra? 
The Vertu ringtone is too annoying, and there is only one ring so everyone knows it's a Vertu.
One would think that $310 grand would warrant an option to customize your phone's sound. Maybe once the R&D dept gets some on the polyphonic wagon Katia can upgrade from titanium to snake-endorned gold jewels.

The Real Reason Why Obamaphone is Dead [comic] [politics]

Barack, Obama, democrat, liberal, blackberry, crackberry, comic, satire, politics, political, barack obama, comics, comedy

click comic to read full size


this is a cute little video I found on youtube  that cat owners will love, it made me smile.

a cyclist's folly [comic]

disrespectin' the neighbors [comic]

Originally posted January 9th, 2009.

I wish I was Link [comic]

First comic, originally posted Jan. 7, 2009

Portland's Own Dundiggy gives out sick promo mix

Portland's own 25 year old DJ Dundiggy has recently delighted electronica lovers with his newest promo mix, titled "The Fix: Super Sonic Bionic Robot Voodoo Power Dundiggy Mix." It is offered as a free download, and is by far one of my favorite recent mixes of some of my favorite electronica.

A self-described 16bit crook, Dundiggy mixes artists like Sebastian Tellier and South Rakkas Crew, creating a unique Portland-esque hip/hop-electronic album that will make you want to move to Portland even more.

Pelicans are R4pists and C4nnibals

Okay, I just couldn't let this one go: mental_floss has just reported that recently ornitholigists have noticed more and more pelicans flying confusedly into suburban areas, away from their natural habitats. Some of their symptoms like burnt feet are consistent with poisoning from a sea algae, but a study estimates almost 80%  of pelicans are exhibiting these symptoms, while saltwater tests don't show the high toxin levels necessary for such a wide impact. Why?

Because pelicans are r4pists and c4nnibals. They are just getting what they deserve.
Wait, what?
That's right, scientists have been studying pelican behavior and call it Forced Copulation (FC). Basically the pelican be4ts and r4pes unfledging chicks once they are separated from their family pods. And often times they will completely devour other birds living in close quarters with them.
Don't believe me? Read the full story on mental_floss blog, or watch this video of a cannibal pelican mercilessly devouring a poor, unsuspecting pidgeon.

These sick birds are just getting what's coming to them.
[edit 1/13/09] Due to Google serving up ads about r4pe, I have replaced 4's for a's so the ads are more valid.

Animal Collective shocks & awes with 9.6 rating for new album

On Christmas day, electronica & synth-pop group Animal Collective is rumored to have intentionally leaked their newest album Merriweather Post Pavilion to bittorrent sites. This is great news for Animal Collective fans since this is by far their best album to date. 
Even tough-to-please music blog Pitchfork Media was highly impressed and awarded the album a shocking 9.6, an unusually high rating from the highly critical music reviewers.
Regarding Animal Collective's new album, pitchfork media writes "Everything that's defined the band to this point-- all those strands winding through their hugely diverse catalog-- is refined and amplified here." Read the full album review.
Also, you can listen to my favorite song "My Girls" on Animal Collective's MySpace.

What's your favorite song on MPP?

Kitty update

I am trying to build a top ten list but Kitty is sleeping on me, blocking my keyboard access to only one hand.
When he's sleeping his tongue sticks out a little. My iPhone has captured the cuteness for you to see...

The Strangers (2008) Review, thoughts

Bryan Bertin is the director of this suspenseful flick that scares viewers with threats of home invasion. While many online reviews list it in the top 10 horror movies of 2008, this is simply because horror movies are classically both poorly written and poorly acted. The Strangers is no different: A tiny budget leaves this flick in one small cabin with a cast of maybe 10 people total. 80% of the movie reeks of suspenseful set-ups that are never followed through, leaving the viewer bored after 5 or more frightening build-ups. Eventually it becomes routine for the music to get super loud and scary during a suspenseful buildup only to have it be something without an axe.

LAAME. Just goes to show that there are loads of terrible horror movies you can waste your time on. But I wouldn't recommend it.

migration to blogger

Site Update: Since I will be impeding progress of other parts of the site since I am the sole contributor by trying to re-learn perl and MySQL I decided to outsource my blogging to blogger since it already has a nice commenting/archive system in place.
More comics coming soon... Also an interface update will come soon as well since that is also quite lacking.

More Soon!

January 4th & 7th repost

Wednesday, January 7th
New comic posted today. It's a large file, sorry. I'm still getting the hang of making things go from paper to ink and still remain webfriendly.
Making a website singlehandedly is a lot of work, it seems quite daunting when I think about it. Fortunately since the economy is sucking right now I hardly work so I can devote more time here.
Portland is definitely the place to be for the music scene. I have discovered so much great music recently, many artists that come straight from Portland. If you want to know what I like, check out the music page I am adding in five minutes. It has a cool widget that tells you what I am listening to right now and lets you listen to some of the songs.

Sun, January 4th
Welcome. Sorry about the bare-bones look and feel, but this blog is barely 3 days old (as of this writing). As an avid blog reader I often comment on other weblogs, but often any meaningful adages get swept into the masses of commenter banter. Thus, thewhitestblogever has spawned for an outlet of my thoughts, my doodling, and my biased, unadulterated opinion.
Once I become a 1337* web coder again I can ditch Dreamweaver and start hand coding a nice forum for fans of the blog.
And the last time I used perl was in high school, so I'll brush up on that make a nice (basic) commenting system so this can actually be called a 'blog'.
more updates soon! I planned to have a few more comics, but I can't stay up too late since I have to work tomorrow.
* elite

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